How to repair washing machines

Probably everybody would agree that wearing recently washed clothes is a great sensation. This is one of the reasons why washing machines are essential appliances in any home. When they fail, things become more difficult, as it is necessary to do the tiring process of washing clothes manually.

Our company has repaired thousands of washing machines in London. Thanks to their experience it is possible to recommend the following simple repairs that we can do to our washing machines.

One of the most common issues that these appliances can experience are grinding noises. Most of the time this happens because of broken couplers. This kind of problem can appear when the appliance is overloaded. For fixing this component, it is necessary to remove it from the motor and replace it.

This issue can also appear when the water pump is not working properly. Other signs that the pump is failing are draining problems and even burning smells. This can happen if clothes or jewellery are stuck in the pump itself or in the hose that leads to it. Most of the times this can be fixed by disassembling these pieces and removing whatever is stuck there. On other occasions, they may have to be replaced.

Another very common problem is slow or no water filling. Most of the times this is caused by problems with the water valve. In these situations, it is recommended to clean its inlet screens. If this doesn't help, the possibility of replacing the entire valve must be considered.

Finally, a lot of people have reported that their washing machines no longer spin. The simplest cause is that the lid switch has failed. It is possible to use a multimeter to determine whether electricity is reaching the switch. If it is, then it is recommended to replace this component. If not, then other types of issue might be taking place, which probably will need to be examined by experts.

In conclusion, washing machines are complex appliances with many components. They are usually very reliable, but sometimes they simply fail. This article showed some simple repairs that can be made by ourselves. However, if we are not sure what we are doing, or if doubts appear, it is better to play safe and request assistance. If you live in London and need professional help with your washing machine or any other appliance, you can contact our company. One of our experienced technicians will determine the issue and repair it in an efficient manner.