How to care for your washing machine?

Nobody would dare to question the fact that washing machines are an essential appliance. In fact, imagining life without it can be hard, as it allows us to forget about manually cleaning clothes, which is a process that is extremely demanding.

However, being pieces of machinery at the end of the day, it is essential that their owners take good care of it, so they can continue performing their job in the best possible way. We are experts in performing washing machine repairs in London, so we really recommend to follow the tips listed below, which should help to increase the service life of your appliance:

At first, every washing machine will need deep cleaning from time to time. There are special products for doing so. However, washing machine owners can make their own cleaning agent at home. For doing that, it is necessary to add 3/4 of bleach, plus a single tablespoon of any laundry detergent in powder form. Once this is done, execute one soak cycle, followed by a rinse cycle.

Another healthy advice is to keep the door of the washing machine open, this is because it allows any moisture built up after a washing cycle to evaporate.

Don’t forget to regularly, perhaps once per week, wipe the inside and the outside of the washing machine. Any standard dishwasher liquid is perfectly safe to perform the outside part of the cleaning, this type of products also have the benefit that they will remove greasy residues. When wiping the drum it is recommended to use a damp cloth, as they are the best accessory for removing any dirt or soapy residues that can exist inside it.

Review the manual of your washing machine to understand how to clean the softener dispenser. In any case, it is not recommended to use detergent to clean this part.

Finally, take a good look at the hoses connected to the washing machine. Normally it is recommended to replace them every 5 years. However, it may be necessary to do this earlier if they become bent in order to avoid flooding your place.