Common problems with fridge freezers

Right now almost every home in the world has a freezer. At this moment it is almost impossible to imagine life without them. Our company works with expert technicians. They have years of experience repairing different appliances. Including of course freezers and fridges. Thanks to the thousands of repairs that our company has made in a lot of places in the area of London, it is possible to explain what are some of the most common problems that freezers fridges can have.

At first, one of the most common problems that freezers can show is that too much frost builds up inside them. Most frequently this happens because the defrost heater is not working correctly. Our technicians are experts in fixing this very common problem.

Another frequent problem is that the freezer can be too cold. And yes, even if that sounds funny that can be actually a problem. If your food has too much ice, but the rest of the appliance is warm, it can also be an indication of a problem with the defrost heater. To avoid this common issue, it is necessary to periodically defrost the fridge.

Sometimes the fridge can be too warm. This brings the associated danger that the food inside could become unsafe to consume as bacteria can grow in it. A possible issue is that the thermostat is not functioning correctly. Another option is that the sealant is not working as it should, meaning that cold air is leaking from inside. Sometimes it can happen that food is preventing the door to close completely. If you already ensured that the door is sealing properly and the problem persists, then you should call our technicians.

In some circumstances, food can get freezer burnt. Most of the times this is not a problem with the freezer. Instead, it is an issue with how the food is stored. To avoid this common problem, you should get plastic bags especially made for the freezer.

Noisy fridges can be a problem too. This can happen because of frost in the fan. In this case, it is also necessary to call the experts.

In conclusion, fridges are freezers have made our lives easier for many decades. It is almost impossible to imagine our kitchens without them. It is essential to take care of them, and in the case, you start to have a problem with yours, and you live in London, then you should call our team of experts, who will efficiently and promptly diagnose and solve any problem with this and other kinds of appliances.