Common problems and faults with electric ovens

There are many reasons for which people choose to employ an electric oven instead of a gas oven. It can be because of operating cost, size of the kitchen, and others. As can happen with any other appliance, electric ovens can also experience failures and problems. Here we will list some of them.

One of the most common problems is that despite having their fans and lights on, sometimes they don’t produce any heat. The most frequent cause for this issue might be a problem with the wire located at the bottom, also known as the heating element. The simplest solution, in this case, is to replace it.

Another issue can be probably considered as the opposite of what was mentioned before. In certain occasions, electric ovens can completely burn the food that we put inside, even if we set it to a reasonable temperature. Most of the times this happens because of an issue with the thermostat, which should be replaced when this problem arises.

In other cases, the oven can stop working completely. Not only it stops producing heat as mentioned in the first case, but also its illumination and fans stopped working completely. Most of the time this can happen because of problems with the thermal switch or cooling fan. Blown fuses can also produce this problem.

Finally, it can also happen that the oven can start getting very hot from the outside, and even burn objects located near it. This can happen if the door is broken or the cooling fan is not working as it should.

Attempting to repair an electric oven from home is not recommended. Considering that they work with heat, it can be dangerous to attempt a repair if a reasonable amount of knowledge and experience with these appliances is possessed. Instead, If you are having any of these problems and live anywhere in London, then you should definitely contact our company. We have years of experience repairing and installing electric ovens, and other appliances and our technicians can quickly diagnose and properly solve a broad range of problems.