5 common microwave faults

Microwaves are among the most practical and useful appliances. They have greatly simplified the process of enjoying a delicious hot meal. For this reason, it is extremely important to take care of them, and pay attention in case they start to behave out of the ordinary. Here five of the most common faults that these appliances can suffer will be explained:

  1. The microwave doesn’t heat. this is one of the most common issues encountered by our technicians, who have performed thousands of repairs in the London area. The most frequent cause for this problem is a magnetron failure, which is the piece that generates microwave radiation. Unfortunately, when this happens, the only option is to replace the part.
  2. The microwave stops immediately after starting to run. there are many causes for this type of problem. Most of the times this is caused by a faulty door switch, whose task is to prevent the microwave from working if its door is open.
  3. The plate doesn’t spin. Microwaves have a motor whose task is to rotate the disk where we put our dishes, which unfortunately can fail in some instances. However, this can also be caused by a problem with the control board.
  4. The light bulb stopped working. Every microwave is fitted with a little light bulb that illuminates the interior of the appliance when it is functioning. As every other light bulb, they can fail at some moment. However, they can also stop working if the control board is experiencing issues
  5. Why do I see sparks inside the microwave? While this can be scary, it doesn’t immediately mean that there is a problem with the appliance. This kind of issues can happen if the waveguide cover has suffered damage, or the paint of the inside walls is degraded.

Considering the complexity of microwaves, it is not recommended to try to repair them at home. If your appliance is having some of the listed troubles or any other kind of problem, do not hesitate in contacting our company. We will dispatch one of our expert technicians to any place in London.